Aviv is the Managing Director of ETR Advisory, a niche consultancy focused on the regulation of the commodity, energy and financial markets. He has more than 23 years of experience in the financial, energy and commodity markets, covering regulatory compliance, credit, risk and financial technology. Prior to founding ETR, he was Partner at SunGard Global Services, where he built a Centre of Excellence in European Energy and Commodity Regulation. Before that, he founded Coherence, a consulting firm specializing in credit risk in commodity and energy trading as well as software product management. The credit practice ultimately became part of Sirius Solutions, where he was the Managing Director of Europe. He has also held management roles at KWI and Iris Financial, among other organizations. Mr. Handler holds a degree in computer science from Imperial College, University of London.
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The FCA’s Regtech Call for Input

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority yesterday issued a “call for input” on “Using technology to achieve smarter regulatory reporting”, which can be found here. The paper describes a “Techsprint” which took place in November 2017, at which various parties undertook a proof of concept on “machine executable” rules and regulatory reporting. Under such a scheme, … Continue reading

Blockchain and Crypto regulatory update: ICOs, political comments and more

There have been many announcements and stories around the regulatory side of blockchain use since our last post (see here): ICOs Finma, the financial regulator of Switzerland has issued these guidelines on the regulatory framework around Initial Coin Offerings(ICO). The guidelines categorise the tokens arising from ICOs into “Payment”, “Utility” and “Asset” tokens. In general … Continue reading

New REMIT Quarterly – more cases opened

ACER has issued the latest “REMIT Quarterly”, covering Q4 2017, which can be found here. It covers a few interesting recent aspects of REMIT:  21 new cases were opened in Q4 2017. The number of open cases is now 137. The newsletter highlights the resource shortages being experienced by ACER. It also advises that there … Continue reading

MiFID II – more developments

We are now in week 6 of MiFID II. Although the announcements have settled down, we now see a few pieces of news since our last post that point to some of the impact. The FCA report on algorithmic trading under MiFID II earlier this week  (see here) is one of the items that has … Continue reading

Algorithmic trading – FCA report and more

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) yesterday issued this report on “Algorithmic Trading Compliance in Wholesale markets. It reviews the requirements of MiFID II, MAR and local legislation for those companies engaging in algorithmic trading in covered instruments. The document reminds the market that any company which engages in “algorithmic trading” in financial instruments is … Continue reading

Brexit news: TRs, Internal Energy Market and more

While the political stances of both the UK and the EU are widely reported (for example here on Sky News), practical considerations for market participants becomes ever more important as the exit date approaches. There have been further developments since our last post here. ESMA has been informing  Trade Repositories, as well as others such … Continue reading

MiFID II update – 1st week of February – new limits and more (updated)

MiFID II has been in place for over a month. While the rules are “settling in”, there have been various developments since our last post (see here). On the position limits side of things, there have been a few updates, including many changed limits from the FCA, which can be found on the updated spreadsheet … Continue reading

EMIR news

Earlier this week, ESMA released an updated questions and answers document on EMIR, which can be found here. It contains one new set of answers on page 121 on how scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of TRs should be handled. Last week, the European Parliament issued this report specifying their desired changes to be undertaken as … Continue reading

Blockchain and crypto update: Schemes and rules

News on crypto currencies, and other applications of distributed ledger technology, continues to arrive, following our last post here: On the crypto currency side of things, Nasdaq is now considering issuing bitcoin futures, according to remarks by CEO Adena Friedman reported here on Fox Business. However, more potential is seen is other uses of blockchain … Continue reading

Ofgem REMIT powers, fines set and more anti abuse developments

There has been more activity this week on the anti abuse side of things, following Monday’s post here on recent fines. Ofgem, the National Regulatory  Authority for the GB energy market, is to be given more powers by the UK government to enforce REMIT in terms of access to documents and the power to take … Continue reading