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MiFID II Summary Article

This article by Bloomberg BNA provides a good summary of MiFID II

Thoughts on the potential EMIR ETD delay

Some entertaining thoughts from Broadpeak on the probable ETD delay here.

US Power Market Manipulation Story

See this article  on Reuters about the unfolding story of alleged power price manipulation in the US by J P Morgan. Let’s see how REMIT affects us here.

Trade repositories present reconciliation proposal to ESMA

See this article in The Trade News about a joint effort that is being kicked off so that the different TRs can reconcile data between themselves. Given the whole whole idea of trade reporting is so that ESMA can have a view of the data, this reconciliation is a good start to that process. Following this, … Continue reading

Notes from Public REMIT Workshop 11 July 2013

See here for my notes taken at the public REMIT workshop in Ljubljana on the 11th. Any question or items to add please do email me.

Webinar on Portfolio Reconciliation and Dispute Resolution

See here for a webinar from Trioptima, DerivSource and Derivatives Risk Solutions on Portfolio Reconciliation, Dispute Resolution and the ISDA protocols. Very timely…

Are you prepared to report your derivatives transactions ? | Deloitte

Maria provides a link here to a nice presentation on EMIR trade reporting. For us in energy, we also need to factor REMIT in…

Could ETD reporting under EMIR be delayed until 2015?

See this note by Tom Riesack on TheOTCSpace, citing rumours that Exchange Traded Derivative reporting under EMIR could be delayed for a year. Nothing official yet though…

Three interesting articles on collateral and clearing

A few good articles are up on the topics of collateral and clearing: This article on Bloomberg highlights the fact that banks will be prepared to use the cheapest collateral possible, regardless of quality. That could of course have quite an impact on the objective of “systemic risk reduction”. Similarly this article in IFR looks … Continue reading

CRD IV enters into force

The CRD IV rules “entered into force” on 17th July. See the full details on the European Commission website here.