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Brexit update – ISDA FAQs, ESA warnings and more

There have been a few developments on both the financial  side of regulation in Brexit thinking since our last update (see here). On the financial side, ISDA has issued this FAQ on Brexit. It is a “short” version, with a longer version only being available to members. It covers, contractual, access, and regulatory issues considering … Continue reading

Is the “era of regulation” over in Europe?

See here for our guest post on the CTRM Center on the future of energy and commodity trading regulation in Europe

New position limits opinions from ESMA

ESMA yesterday issued 3 new position limits opinion documents for 3 contract on the ICE Futures Europe exchange. These are: UK Feed Wheat – see here. Singapore Jet Kerosene – see here. Argus Euro-bob Oxy FOB Rotterdam Barges – see here. The “master” spread sheet of contracts with opinion documents has been updated and can … Continue reading

Blockchain and crypto update – initiatives progress but some stall

There have been quite a few developments in the blockchain and crypto currency world since our last post on the topic (see here). Blockchain initiatives BTL has announced here that their “Interbit” chain joining platform will be test launched on 23rd April. This article on the Platts web site discusses its application in energy trading, … Continue reading

Streamlining regulatory reporting – document from Europex

This blog has covered the many streams of regulatory reporting to which market participants have become subject to over the past years. The burden is also high for trading venues, who must meet a thicket of requirements. This response by Europex, to the European Commission as part of the Commissions, “fitness check on supervisory reporting” … Continue reading

Blockchain developments – initiatives, legal applicability and rules

The world of blockchain use and crypto currency regulatory developments continues at a fast pace, in the energy and financial worlds, with many developments since our last post (see here). Energy initiatives On the energy side of things, Endessa and Gas Natural Fenosa announced here that they have completed an energy trade on EnerChain. This will … Continue reading

EMIR news

Earlier this week, ESMA released an updated questions and answers document on EMIR, which can be found here. It contains one new set of answers on page 121 on how scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of TRs should be handled. Last week, the European Parliament issued this report specifying their desired changes to be undertaken as … Continue reading

MiFID II transposition, updates and regulatory battles

Updates and new around MiFID II continue, following our post last week (see here). The European Commission has issued a warning to 12 member states that they must transpose MiFID II or face sanctions. The notice can be found in this press release by the Commission. The countries warned are Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, … Continue reading

The day of the MiFID II arrives

Today is the 3rd January 2018, the day when MiFID II and MiFIR finally come into effect. The financial services industry has been gearing up for this day long before the original date was set in mid 2014 and then delayed to today. The start of MiFID II has been widely reported in the general … Continue reading

One week to go: MiFID II updates and debates

There is one week until the start of MiFID II. ESMA released a few updates in the run up to the holiday, including an revised “market sizes” document relating to the ancillary activity test, which can be found here. The update appears to be a disclaimer at the end relating to EEA and EFTA data … Continue reading