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Contigo unveil EMIR and REMIT solution at EETS

Contigo have unveiled their solution to the EMIR and REMIT , enTrader Compliance at the EETS conference last week. This extension to the firm’s enTrader product has the ability to record and store all data fields that have been made mandatory by the European reporting regulations, as well as including the flexibility required to communicate with … Continue reading

Futures reporting delay “will not take place” says EC’s Pearson –

All market participants need to keep a close eye on this one

ESMA rejects GFMA proposal on dual reporting / UTI synchronisation

See Maria Leontiou’s article and links on The OTC Space here for the rejection by ESMA of the proposal from the GFMA to solve the UTI synchronisation problem by allowing both parties to send in IDs in different fields. ISDA have updated their best practice document and it is hoped that most market participants will … Continue reading

REGIS led webinar on REMIT

See here for details of a webinar on REMIT that will be led by REGIS-TR and also feature several others. The webinar will focus on REMIT.

10 Things You Need To Know About The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

Another great post on the reality of EMIR Portfolio Reconciliation at NFCs

Gordon Allot from Broadpeak has written an insightful post here.

Good article about NFC preparedness for the now in force portfolio Reconciliation rules

See this post for some interesting thoughts on the preparedness of NFCs for the portfolio reconciliation rules. We are now 2 days in. Any comments?    

Energy regulation research report updated again

Another update has been made to the research report written by ETR Advisory and ComTech Advisory on European Energy Regulation and the service providers around it. It can be downloaded from here.

Article on Futurisation under Dodd Frank

See here for an article on about how Dodd-Frank  has driven the futurisation process in the US. Let us see what happens here, especially in the light of the recent FCA ruling (see here)

Article on EMIR and REMIT

See here for a short article  in FOW on EMIR and REMIT by Claudio Capozzi of SunGard.