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New ISDA documents on UTI generation and communication best practice

ISDA have released a summary document and presentation/webinar on their recently released best practice document on how to generate and communicate Unique Transaction identifiers. The new documents focus on the recommended method to generate a prefix within the UTI. The UTI issue, especially for bilateral deals not transacted on a platform, remains one of the big … Continue reading

European energy regulation market report updated.

The market written co written by ETR Advisory and CommTech Advisory and sponsored by TriOptima has been updated to reflect recent developments and announcements over the last weeks. The report can be downloaded from here.

Ofgem REMIT penalties statement and procedural guidelines published

Ofgem’s penalties statement and procedural guidelines for REMIT have reached the “decision stage” following the consultation that has been running since June. The finalised documents can be found here. There are several interesting things outlined in the decisions reached: Prioritisation and proportionality – Ofgem clearly state that they will focus on breaches that arise from … Continue reading

UPDATED: New EMIR FAQs published

See The OTC Space’s summary of the latest Q+A from ESMA. The answer added in OTC question 3 about Notional for the clearing threshold has relevance to the commodities area, since you would think that if one can consider a changing notional for amortising swaps, then you would definitely be able to do the same … Continue reading

Ofgem and FCA find no evidence of attempted or actual abuse in case of alleged gas market price manipulation of Sept 2012. REMIT gets mentioned in the British Parliament

The UK’s Ofgem and FCA regulatory bodies yesterday announced the conclusion of their investigation into alleged price rigging in the gas market last year, which broke in the Guardian. The allegations were that traders attempted to “mark the close” on the last day of the gas financial year, in order to affect and profit from … Continue reading

RAT – Regulatory Announcement Thursday – Is over

Today saw two big events in Energy Regulation: The announcement of EMIR Trade Repository Approvals A public meeting at ACER about REMIT EMIR TRs Towards the end of the day, ESMA announced the four TRs that had gained approval. The fact that the announcement happened today means that the 12th February deadline will hold. And … Continue reading

4 TRs approved by ESMA – All asset classes including Exchange Traded Derivatives

ESMA today approved 4 Trade Repositories to receive trades under EMIR. This is for all asset classes and includes exchange traded derivatives. The full announcement can be found here. This means that trade reporting will start on 12 February 2014. The TRs to be approved are: DTCC KDPW LSE Unavista REGIS-TR Two big names missing … Continue reading

MiFID II Update

See here for a RegTechFS update on the progress of MiFID through the European parliamentary process. MiFID II is scheduled to be heard in the European Parliament in December.

One day to RAT – Regulatory Announcement Thursday – And it looks like TRs will be approved

Thursday sees Energy Trading Regulatory Announcement Thursday, when ESMA need to announce Trade Repository approvals to sustain the 12th February 2014 deadline, which coincides with the ACER meeting on REMIT. According to various reports including this one, ESMA will indeed be approving trade repositories on Thursday.  The day is awaited with interest.  

enTrader Compliance from Contigo

Contigo have updated the page on their website that describes their EMIR/REMIT solution, enTrader Compliance. The page can be found here.