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A good “Countdown to GLERT” post from the financial side

See this post on RegTechFS for a view of the countdown to the Go Live for Emir Reporting of Trades from the financial perspective.

FX Confusion

See this blog post by David Field of Rule Financial. It is not only commodities that is unclear for EMIR. Still, there is almost two weeks to get ready….    

2 Weeks to GLERT – Do we now have all the answers?

In two weeks’ time,the Go Live for EMIR Reporting of Trades will be upon us.  All market participants will need to send trade information to a registered repository. Last week, we highlighted a list of outstanding issues which included: Which data is actually required for certain trade types. In particular, (but not limited to) physical … Continue reading

19 days to GLERT – Delegation – Am I a third party without realising it?

There are now 19 days until the Go Live of EMIR Trade Reporting. And many questions remain, as we saw the other day. One that many are struggling with is the issue of delegation, which is not as it first appears. On a simple basis, delegation is the process of getting your counterparty to report … Continue reading

20 Days to GLERT Day– How are we expected to report commodity trades with these fields?

In 20 days’ time, the Go Live for EMIR Trade Reporting Day (GLERT) will be with us. And yet, at this stage, there is still a huge amount of confusion about how to report commodity trades under EMIR, amongst other things. The EMIR message as defined by ESMA contains a dedicated commodity section, and within … Continue reading

Interview with Nick Boatman of REGIS-TR

Treasury Peer have published this interview with Nick Boatman who heads REGIS-TR

Position Limits under MiFID II – Most physical deals to be exempted

The text agreed last week for MiFID II contained some useful proposed carve outs for commodity position limits. This includes: A hedge carve out – definition of “hedge” to follow Oil and coal physical forwards to be exempt for three and a half years Gas and power physical forwards exempt. Of course the devil will … Continue reading

Three weeks to go until the Go Live of Emir Reporting of Trades – GLERT Day

Three weeks today, anyone trading “derivatives” in the EU is required to start reporting them on a daily basis to one of the six approved Trade Repositories. Despite the regulatory standards being available for over a year, and despite many questions and answers between the industry, ESMA, the European Parliament and the Trade Repositories, there … Continue reading

The mess that is EMIR – from Broadpeak

See here for a post by Gordon Allot of Broadpeak on the mess around EMIR Trade Reporting. Good reading!

Interesting article on LEIs

See this article by Mark Davies of AVOX about the emerging LEI landscape, how it is being driven by EMIR and other regulations and where it is going.