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Awaiting MiFID II news

The market still awaits confirmation of several MiFID II related pieces of news. At this juncture we still await news of whether the one year delay that has been widely discussed will be confirmed. At the same time, those in the commodities and energy sector await news on the approval or rejection of the Regulatory … Continue reading

Another article on SFTR

Following yesterday’s post introducing the Securities Finance Transactions Regulation (SFTR) and how it affects the commodities markets, Baringa have also written this post on the topic. We can expect more information to be distributed over the coming weeks and months.

SFTR – How will it affect the commodities markets?

The Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) was adopted by the European Parliament in November 2015 and published in the official journal on 23 December 2015, which means that it came into force on 12 January 2016. The regulation can be found here. The rules apply to “commodities lending” as well as securities lending and include reporting requirements … Continue reading

REMIT public workshop – and E-world

ACER have recently announced a public workshop in Ljubljana (here), focused on phase 2 of REMIT reporting. It is likely that the workshop will cover some of the many outstanding questions about off venue reporting, which starts on 7th April. We will be issuing notes on the meeting and publishing them on this blog, just … Continue reading

We’re back -Talk of further MiFID II delays

This blog is now back after an unexpected “outage” due to unforeseen circumstances. Last Monday saw Steven Maijoor, chair of ESMA, make comments, reported here on the Reuters website, that the proposed one year delay of MiFID, to January 2018, is not enough. Despite support from ESMA, the European Parliament, the European Commission and other … Continue reading

Software for publishing inside information under REMIT

Powel AG have issued this press release announcing a module of their software to publish inside information  under REMIT. The software allows inside information to be reported as required by REMIT Article 4, by publishing data to the EEX transparency platform. Some companies choose to publish inside information to their own web site. The rules around the … Continue reading

New ACER Q+A and quarterly

ACER issued the latest version of the REMIT Questions and Answers document on REMIT (here) on Friday, together with a new REMIT Quarterly (here). The Questions and Answers document contains the following new information (as well as new links which are not mentioned here): Market Participants Do Market Participants have any record keeping obligations beyond … Continue reading

EFETNet to offer transportation and fundamental data reporting under REMIT

EFETNet have announced that they will support  the reporting of data for gas and power transportation and capacity trades, as well as fundamental data that is to be reported by market participants. The announcement can be found here. REMIT requires that secondary power transportation and capacity trades be reported by the market participant using the table 3 schema, and that … Continue reading

Welcome to 2016

Today is the first working day of 2016, which promises to see a great deal of regulatory activity that market participants need to be aware of and prepare for. Here we will consider some highlights: Data Reporting We are now just over 3 months away from “Phase 2” of REMIT reporting, which requires all off venue … Continue reading