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DTCC’s EMIR TR fined 64,000 Euros by ESMA

ESMA have today issued a public notice that DTCC have been fined 64,000 Euros in relation to the operation of the EMIR Trade Repository (TR), which is referred to as “DDRL”.  The fine is  for failing to provide ESMA with timely access to the data. The press release can be found here and the detailed … Continue reading

One week to go until REMIT phase 2

There is now one week to go until April 7th, the date on which off venue reporting under REMIT starts. From that day, trades and contracts covered by REMIT must be sent to ACER either within a day or a month of being struck, depending on their status. Market participants also need to send some … Continue reading

ESMA issues consultation paper on list of commodities information to be published under MAR

ESMA have today issued this consultation paper, which covers the lists of “inside information” relating to commodity derivatives and spot commodities, which must be published under MAR (Market Abuse Regulation). MAR generally prohibits the use of Inside Information, and contains provisions as to the management of it. Article 7(5) of MAR requires ESMA to establish a … Continue reading

REGIS-TR announces intention to become “Finfrag” trade repository

REGIS-TR have announced in this press release that they intend to become an authorised trade repository under the Swiss FMIA reporting rules (“Finfrag”). Six announced their intention to act as a repository a few months ago (see here), utilising the technology of Unavista. Finfrag is effectively the Swiss version of EMIR, with the rules being … Continue reading

Notes on the 15th REMIT Q+A document

ETR Advisory have published some sort notes on the REMIT Questions and Answers document release by ACER last Thursday afternoon. The notes can be found here. All notes published by ETR Advisory can be found on the resources page on their web site here.

New REMIT Q+A issued this afternoon

Following the release of new examples and a new version of the Transaction Reporting FAQ earlier today(see here), ACER have this afternoon issued a new version of the REMIT Questions and Answers document, the 15th version, which can be found here. There is much to digest across the documents, with little time left to comply by … Continue reading

New REMIT documents released by ACER

ACER have an hour ago released some new documents relating to “phase 2” reporting which commences in two weeks’ time, on 7th April. The new documents are: TRUM Annex II – Examples – A few examples of transportation trades under tables 3 and 4 have been added, although very few for secondary trades, which are … Continue reading

Two weeks until REMIT phase 2 reporting starts

There are now two weeks to go until “phase 2” of REMIT reporting starts, on 7th April. From that date all off venue trades, contracts and executions, as well as many types of fundamental data, will need to be reported to ACER. Yesterday ACER issued the latest version of the list of approved RRMs by … Continue reading

MAR – Where will the data come from?

The Market Abuse Regulation(MAR)  will be implemented on 3rd July 2016. From that date, the scope of the original MAD will be widened to include most asset classes traded on venues such as exchanges and MTFs (Multilateral Trading Facilities). Off venue trades and spot commodities that could impact their prices are also included. MAR includes … Continue reading

Updated REMIT Report Issued

A new version of the report on REMIT reporting written by ETR Advisory and ComTech Advisory has been released, in the run up to the reporting deadline on 7th April. The report can be downloaded from the ComTech website here.