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Less than a week to go until MAR

The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) will be in effect from  July 3rd 2016, less than a week from today. From that date, the use of inside information, and actual and attempted market manipulation will breach these rules. The scope includes a great deal of activity in the commodities markets, including spot commodities trades in many … Continue reading

Brexit – possible impact

Last night the UK population voted to leave the European Union, by a narrow margin. Such an exit will clearly have regulatory implications for energy and commodity market participants who are covered by rules such as EMIR, REMIT, MiFID II and MAR. There will be a particular impact on UK based market participants, but also … Continue reading

RRM approvals continue

While it has now been several weeks since off venue REMIT reporting commenced, RRM approvals continue. The list published by ACER, which can be found here, continues to grow despite many applications being terminated, as outlined in the latest REMIT quarterly. At the same time, TGE have announced the approval of their RRM to accept more data … Continue reading

4th REMIT guidance issued – the focus on monitoring continues

ACER have today issued the 4th version of their guidance on REMIT which can be found here. The non binding guidance provides ACER’s view on how many aspects of REMIT are to be interpreted. This 4th version focuses on the rules around monitoring. The monitoring obligations under REMIT are found in Article 15 and apply to … Continue reading

ETR and Entrima to re run Effective Monitoring course

Following a successful delivery of a course on effective monitoring in preparation for MAR, run on 10th June, ETR Advisory and Entrima will repeat the course in London on July 11th. Full details can be found here and also here on the ETR Advisory web site. Those wishing to book should email

European Council adopts MiFID delay

The European Council have adopted the delay by one year of MiFID II and MiFIR, the latest step in formalising the move of the start date from 3 January 2017 to 3 January 2018. The press release can be found here. The adoption follows the approval by the European Parliament which was voted recently. The … Continue reading

REMIT data quality

See here for a post from Tilo Zimmerman of Ponton  on LinkedIn on the data quality of REMIT data. It is now over 2 months since off venue reporting commenced, and there are just over 3 weeks to go until the REMIT “backloading” deadline, on 6th July, by which time any contract struck before 7th April … Continue reading

17th REMIT Q+A published – more sanctions to come?

ACER have published an updated version of the REMIT Questions and Answers document, with two new entries. The document can be found here. The first of the new entries is question II.4.47 on page 28 and  relates to market participants who have not yet registered in the CEREMP (Central European Registry of Energy Market Participants). … Continue reading

Post about MAR and MIFID

See here for a post on finextra by Kate Koval of GFT about  data collection under MIFID II and how it will influence MAR. The MAR rules start on July 3rd this year and outlaw abuse and the use of inside information on many financial trades as well as spot commodities. MAR includes “effective monitoring” rules … Continue reading

MiFID II delay finalised

The European Parliament has finalised the delay of a year to the start of MiFID II, from 3 January 2017 to 3 January 2018, as announced in this press release. The Parliament voted by 502 to 158 in favour with 6 abstentions. This follows many months of discussion by different institutions as to how to implement the delay.  The delay has … Continue reading