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EEX publishes REMIT data reporting agreement and confirms connection to REGIS-TR and EFETNet

EEX have today published their data reporting agreement in order to fulfil their obligations under REMIT as an OMP (organised market place). The agreement covers all of the market places in their network, i.e. EEX, EPEX Spot, Gaspoint Nordic and Powernext. The press release can be found here. A price has now been offered for … Continue reading

Post on outsourcing REMIT reporting

Harry Nota of Openlink has posted this article on the merits of relying on others to carry out REMIT reporting for you. The focus is on why keeping the data in house may yield short and long term benefits.

100 days to go until REMIT Reporting Phase 1

As shown on the clock on the REMIT Portal, there are 100 days to go until the first reporting deadline of REMIT, for “on venue” orders and trades. By that date, market participants will need to ensure that all orders and trades arising on one of the Organised Market Places(OMPs) listed by ACER. The task … Continue reading

Nordpool Spot announce pricing for REMIT reporting services

Nordpool Spot have unveiled their pricing for their REMIT reporting services. These include the services that are obligatory for an OMP for both Nordpool Spot and N2EX, and also for their “full RRM” offering, where data from other venues can be reported, and ultimately off venue data as well. The offerings and prices can be … Continue reading

Ofgem have updated their REMIT penalties statement and procedural guidelines following consultation

Ofgem have updated their REMIT Procedural Guidelines document following a consultation that closed earlier this year. The updated document can be found here, and the consultation decision document can be found here.

Fragmentation in REMIT – Post from Broadpeak

Broadpeak have created this post about the issue to fragmentation around REMIT, and the issues that arise from having different routes to ACER for different OMPs. They will be holding a webinar shortly to discuss the topic, and how their product, K3 may be used to solve it.

REMIT Webinar on Monday afternoon

A reminder that REGIS-TR, Trayport and ETR Advisory will participate in a webinar entitled “Easy REMIT reporting: Is it a mirage?”, this Monday 22nd June, at 2PM BST/ 3PM CET. The registration page is here.

Useful slides from EFETNet user group

EFETNet held their user group during the first week of June, and have posted the slides from it on their web site here. Whilst many of the presentations relate to EFETNet’s eRR offering, there are also many that have been given by others, including 4 regulators: ACER, BNetzA (Germany), EIcom (Switzerland) and e-Control (Austria)

Openlink’s CubeIntelligence product to be used by E.On Global Commodities for REMIT reporting

OpenLink have issued this press release announcing that their CubeIntelligence product will be used by E.On Global Commodities for REMIT reporting. The CubeIntelligence product is a piece on software installed on site which is designed to gather data from multiple sources and send it to the correct reporting destination, for example an EMIR TR or REMIT RRM. … Continue reading

Increased push for global trade reporting standardisation

Eleven different industry associations have endorsed that principles that ISDA put forward in a report several weeks ago, calling for standardisation of the various derivatives reporting regimes across the globe. The letter containing the endorsement can be found here. The G20 Pittsburgh Declaration of 2009 called for trade repositories to be established, and derivatives trades … Continue reading