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Corrected: EFETNet Announcements

EFETNet have recently made two announcements, both related to the eRR regulatory reporting service. The first (here) announces that phase 2 REMIT reporting will initially be available free of charge for the rest of 2016 up to 1 January 2017. Phase 2 reporting commences on the 7th April 2016 covers all off venue activity. Phase … Continue reading

REMIT sanctions large and small

See here for a press release from Spain’s CNMC announcing a sanction on Iberdrola Generación of a 25 million Euro fine for a breach of REMIT. The fine can still be appealed against. The highlighted activity  occurred at the end of 2013, before data collection started. In addition Elering, the Estonian TSO has been fined 10 thousand … Continue reading

Post and event on surveillance

See here for a post on LinkedIn by Harry Nota of Openlink on the topic of surveillance. The post considers the fact that ACER are already collecting on venue data in connection with on venue activity in the EU wholesale energy market, and from April 7th will be collecting off venue and fundamental data. The … Continue reading

ACER issues 12th REMIT Q+A document

ACER yesterday issued the 12th version of their Questions and Answers document on REMIT, which can be found here. Commentary on the previous edition can be found here. There are several new answers which include some notes on the often discussed topics of third party delegation, and responsibility for checking data sent on a market … Continue reading