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More news from surveillance vendors

Following an announcement last week, Ancoa will be running a webinar on “MAR and surveillance for energy trading firms” on 19th October. Details can be found here. FERDEC have also announced a new version of their FerdecTS software, which is targeted at the energy sector. The announcement is on their news page here. These announcements are … Continue reading

FCA MiFID II Consultation and MAR Marketwatch

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, the UK NCA), have issued a third consultation paper for MiFID II and MiFIR, which can be found here. This document of nearly 600 pages contains some items which will be of interest to those in the commodity and energy market: In particular, the issue of the definition of a … Continue reading

ETR Advisory to provide further regulatory training with Entrima

ETR Advisory will be providing further courses on regulatory topics together with Entrima in November in Amsterdam. Two courses will be run: MIFID II – A look at the topics of interest to those in Energy and Commodities. See here. Trade reporting under EMIR and REMIT – A rule refresher and look at the new … Continue reading

Looking at the 5th REMIT Transaction Reporting FAQ – updated

ACER published the 5th version of the transaction reporting FAQ on Monday 26th September, which can be found here. It contains some interesting guidance which can be summarised as follows (3.1.18, 4.1.3 and 4.2.19 added in update): Q 1.1.20 [P19]: Please provide further guidance on the distinction between bilateral contracts considered to be “standard”(and reported … Continue reading

New REMIT transaction reporting FAQ

ACER yesterday issued a new Transaction Reporting FAQ document, which can be found here. A fuller post looking at the changes will follow (Update: the changes are documented in this post)

Surveillance system announcement

Trayport and Ancoa have just issued this press release announcing that Ancoa have become a Trayport Certified Software Provider (CSP). The certification covers a link between Ancoa’s surveillance software and data from Trayport’s platforms and feeds. Interest in surveillance systems within the energy and commodities sector has risen over the last year, due to two … Continue reading

Position limits calculations and offerings

Although there has been  push back on the final version of the rules (see here ) the start date of the MiFID II position limits draws closer. Unavista have announced this offering which helps market participants to report data to regulators under the position reporting aspects of the rules. The mechanism for such reporting is still not entirely final, … Continue reading

More MiFID II pushback -from the “agri” sector

See here for a letter from a consortium of industry associations in the agricultural sector pushing back against several aspects of the MiFID II Ancillary Activity test (RTS 20) and Position Limits (RTS 21). With respect to RTS 20, the letter argues for the re introduction of a “capital test” as  others have. In addition, … Continue reading

New REMIT Q+A – An overview

ACER yesterday published the 18th version of the Questions and Answers document on REMIT, although it was dated 31st August. The document can be found here. It contains the following new answers (grouped here by topic): Market participants and registration If a market participant in one country opens a branch (not a legal entity) in another, … Continue reading

Reporting changes afoot?

Last year, the result of the EMIR review led to the recommendation of several changes by ESMA and others. Some of the recommendations resulted in a new EMIR Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) document being issued by ESMA, relating to a new format for trade reporting. The rules apply from nine months after the RTS is adopted, … Continue reading