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Further EMIR RTS adopted – new backloading deadline and UTI approach

The European Commission have now adopted a further set of documents which amend the Regulatory technical Standards (RTS) on the reporting of trades. The amendment RTS can be found here, and the annex with the fields here. This follows a first document adopted a week earlier. The changes in the document are applicable 20 days and … Continue reading

MiFID II reporting instructions and schemas released

ESMA have yesterday released a series of documents and schemas further detailing how several aspect of reporting under MiFID II, reference data publication  under MAR, and other information. The press release can be found here, and the page providing links to the detailed documents and schemas is here.The release follows publication of guidance two weeks … Continue reading

New documents from ESMA – MAR and others

ESMA yesterday issued several documents, including:  MAR Q+A (here) – this update of the questions and answers document adds details on managers transactions and investment recommendations, which will primarily be of interest to financial companies, for the time being. Updated guidelines table (here) – listing of applicable guidelines documents issued by ESMA across different financial … Continue reading

MiFID II commodities and energy update and post

The energy and commodity markets have for several months been awaiting the finalised version of Regulatory Technical Standards(RTS) 20 and 21, which provide rules for the calculations around the Ancillary Activity test and Position Limits. This post on the ICIS Regulation Portal provides some news of when the European Commission will release the next version, which … Continue reading

EMIR reporting changes – getting closer

The European Commission have adopted changes to the EMIR reporting standards. The changes to the RTS (Regulatory Technical Standard) can be found here, and the new list of fields here. The documents are based on a report from ESMA issued at the end of last year (see here). The documents must now pass a “non … Continue reading

Inside information on MAR – Some freight requirements dropped

Last week  ESMA published a document regarding inside information relating to commodity derivatives under MAR, which defines which data is  “reasonably expected to be disclosed or required to be disclosed in accordance with legal or regulatory provisions at Union or national level, market rules, contract, practice or custom, on the relevant commodity derivatives markets or spot markets”. … Continue reading

FCA MiFID II minutes

The UK’s FCA have published these minutes from their MiFID II round table. There are several notes on commodity derivatives, including a reminder of the contents in the second consultation paper on position limits, although there are notes on the transmission of limits and utilisations to and from ESMA, and how the hedge exemption will … Continue reading

ESMA issues guidance on MiFID II transaction reporting, order record keeping and clock synchronisation

ESMA have issued a detailed guidance document on the transaction reporting, order record keeping and clock synchronisation rules, which can be found here.An accompanying final report can be found here. The guidelines elaborate on the different Regulatory Technical Standards already published, numbers 22(annex), 24 (annex) and 25 (annex). In the case of transaction reporting, the guidelines review general principles … Continue reading

REMIT data reporting anniversary accompanied by a report and a “Quarterly”

Last Friday 7th October saw the one year anniversary of the first data collection under REMIT. From 7th October 2015, all data arising from activity on an Organised Market Place (OMP) had to be sent to ACER, either by signing a data reporting agreement with the OMP, or via a Registered Reporting Mechanism(RRM). ACER issued … Continue reading

ESMA issues MAR guidelines commodity inside information

ESMA have issued a final report which includes draft MAR guidelines on information relating to commodity derivatives markets or relates spot markets for the purpose of the definition of inside information. The document can be found here. “Inside information” is defined under MAR Article 7(1) b  using 3 criteria (as reiterated in the paper): a) relates: … Continue reading