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Blockchain developments – initiatives, legal applicability and rules

The world of blockchain use and crypto currency regulatory developments continues at a fast pace, in the energy and financial worlds, with many developments since our last post (see here). Energy initiatives On the energy side of things, Endessa and Gas Natural Fenosa announced here that they have completed an energy trade on EnerChain. This will … Continue reading

Blockchain and Crypto regulatory update: ICOs, political comments and more

There have been many announcements and stories around the regulatory side of blockchain use since our last post (see here): ICOs Finma, the financial regulator of Switzerland has issued these guidelines on the regulatory framework around Initial Coin Offerings(ICO). The guidelines categorise the tokens arising from ICOs into “Payment”, “Utility” and “Asset” tokens. In general … Continue reading

Blockchain and crypto update: Schemes and rules

News on crypto currencies, and other applications of distributed ledger technology, continues to arrive, following our last post here: On the crypto currency side of things, Nasdaq is now considering issuing bitcoin futures, according to remarks by CEO Adena Friedman reported here on Fox Business. However, more potential is seen is other uses of blockchain … Continue reading

Blockchain updates: Initiatives and warnings

With new blockchain initiatives being frequently announced, for example this one reported on in agricultural commodities, or even this UN backed initiative to “help fight climate change” reported here on Coindesk, there is much to discuss since last week’s post here. This article on Forbes looks at the extension of the BTL initiative from … Continue reading

Blockchain and Crypto update – Regulators, manipulation and more

Following our introductory “blockchain” post last week (see here), there have been several developments in the sector: The recent drop in the Bitcoin price has been widely reported, for example here on The Independent’s web site. This is attributed by some to statements from regulators about the future oversight of crypto currencies. For example, the … Continue reading

Blockchains, crypto currencies, ICOs – regulatory angles

The use of “blockchain” technology, which supports crypto currencies such as the bitcoin, is being widely considered and reported, with many pilots and in some cases actual use in flight. The future use of such technology is hotly debated, from those whose view is that they will “change the world” to the opposite, with some … Continue reading

2018 begins – what does it have in store?

The 2018 working year starts today for most, which provides a good opportunity to consider the months ahead. Start of year The end of 2017 has unsurprisingly busy, with several pieces of news posted since our “end of year” entry.  In addition to today being the first day on which Swiss “FC-” and “NFC+” entities … Continue reading