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What has changed in the latest REMIT FAQ?

The latest edition of the REMIT Transaction Reporting FAQ (here) was released yesterday (see here) However, the list of changes at the beginning of  the document refers to the previous version. The actual new questions  observed are as follows: Q 1.1.22 – page 20 Q 1.1.23 – page 21 Q 2.1.35 – page 50 Q 2.3.10 – page … Continue reading


ACER have updated two documents relating to REMIT: The Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) has been updated with a new Annex relating to which EIC code to use when reporting a delivery point or zone. The new Annex can be found here and updated TRUM here. The Transaction Reporting FAQ has been updated. The new … Continue reading

EFET comments on “Clean Energy” package

The provisions of the “Clean Energy Package” (also known has the “Winter Package”) were announced at the end of November 2016 and discussed at a conference held in Brussels in January. The contents of the package are far reaching and build on the principles of the Internal Energy Market. EFET have now released this paper, … Continue reading

ESRB report on EMIR review

The European Systemic Risk Board have published this report provided their views on the review on EMIR, which is intended to result in some changes to the rules to be announced over the coming months. As with reports by other organisations such as ESMA and the European Commission, the ESRB is supportive of some of … Continue reading

MiFID II and third country equivalence

Many firms outside the EU, based in “third countries”, are in the process of understanding if and how MiFID II applies to them. One concept which makes compliance for such companies easier is that of “regulatory equivalence”, where a third country regulatory regime is recognised as equivalent, which lowers the barriers for third country firms. … Continue reading

Article on concentrated positions on the silver market

See here for an article by Theodore Bulter on the SilverSeek web site on recent large positions on COMEX in silver futures. The incoming officials at the CFTC are urged by the author to further investigate such positions in future.

MiFID II training and webinar

Broadpeak Partners will Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP be repeating their webinar on MiFID II on 26th April. Details can be found here. There are still some spaces left for ETR Advisory and Entrima’s course on MiFID II, to be held in London on May 2nd,  which will focus on the Ancillary Activity test and Position … Continue reading

FCA Brexit plans

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority have published their “Business plan” for 2017/2018 (see here) as well as a “Mission” document (see here). The statement in the business plan by Andrew Bailey, CEO of the FCA on page 11, alludes to the FCA’s role in MiFID II, which is significant. In addition, looking at the “Our … Continue reading

The Energy Union, Internal Market and Brexit

With the story in the UK around the “Brexit” process still unfolding, many are considering how the exit will impact the Energy Union and the UK’s role in it.  An event was held on 30th March in London by the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. … Continue reading

ACER issues two new “quarterly” documents

ACER  issued two new “quarterly” 2 page newsletters yesterday: One for Q4 2016 and one for Q1 2017. The approach differs from the previous “quarterly”, which covered Q2 and Q3 2016 in one document and covered 4 pages. The Q4 2016 quarterly, which can be found here, discusses the results of the consultation on the … Continue reading