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Complying with GDPR and other rules simultaneously

There has been much general discussion on the Global Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) since the last post on the topic (see here). The rules start  to apply in May and are keeping many companies busy, covering a wide scope of activity. In the UK, last month the FCA and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) published this statement … Continue reading

2018 begins – what does it have in store?

The 2018 working year starts today for most, which provides a good opportunity to consider the months ahead. Start of year The end of 2017 has been unsurprisingly busy, with several pieces of news posted since our “end of year” entry.  In addition to today being the first day on which Swiss “FC-” and “NFC+” … Continue reading

MiFID II countdown – issues and lack of readiness and new information

With just over 3 and a half months until the start of MiFID II, there is a great deal for firms to do, especially those who are Investment Firms. Yesterday the Electronic Debt Markets Association (EDMA) wrote this letter stating that as things currently stand, MiFID II is likely to drive trading off venues, or … Continue reading

MiFID II and GDPR interaction

The Global Data Protection Regulation applies from May 2018 and contains many requirements relating to the personal data. Controllers and processors of data in scope must comply with the rules wherever they are located, with heavy penalties for non compliance. The European Commission has issued this info-graphic which summarises the rules. This page on the … Continue reading